Our Approach

We work with heart-centered professionals who provide hands-on programs and services that help people feel better, live better and make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing. And rather than spending time with business management, online marketing and social media they value connecting and staying in touch with people in the real, offline world.

Our clients are in need of efficient, integrated, affordable web design & maintenance solutions that help them promote their business, streamline their operations and free up time for doing what they love doing.

We believe that web design, continuous website maintenance and ongoing SEO management should be affordable for everyone. That’s why our services are scaled for bootstrappers, startups, and solopreneurs. A great website starts with beautiful, clean and uncluttered design and strong, relevant and engaging content. Effective search engine optimization, website maintenance and regular content updates will then turn your small website into a strong business development tool that lets you grow your business with joy and ease.

Why we are different

01 integrated marketing

We believe that websites, online stores and social media tools should make life easier for you. That’s why we keep our focus on affordable, integrated solutions: beautiful, easy to maintain websites, online stores and membership sites that integrate well with your marketing, business management and customer relations tools. That way you have to spend less time with administration, accounting, blogging, emailing, posting, tweeting, and connecting and have more time for what you really enjoy doing.

02 beautiful websites

Good design is important. Especially when you are providing hands-on, experiential services or healing treatments. Your website needs to bring across what your services feel like and how they will contribute to people’s wellbeing and happiness on many different levels. We design beautiful, clean, uncluttered websites that let your personality shine through, create an authentic impression of your offerings and help visitors get a feeling for the experience of your programs and services.

03 search engine optimization

Yes, beautiful design is important but we want to make sure that people will actually get to see your website. A lot of people. This is how we can help: The health & wellness industry is our playground. We know your audience, know what they are looking for, we monitor keyword trends, stay on top of latest sales & content marketing management tools, apply effective SEO and SEM techniques and help you secure and maintain your spot in the higher rankings of global search engines.

04 affordable web design

A well designed website shouldn’t cost the world. Neither should ongoing web maintenance. We believe that a website needs to grow with your business and provide you with enough flexibility to change over time. That’s why we make it easy for you to start with an affordable web design option and build on it as your business develops and flourishes. And we will continue to look after your website and help you select online solutions that are the right fit for your business long after your website went live.

Curious how this works?

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